Anaesthesia plastic surgery

Anaesthesia plastic surgery

Once a patient decides to undergo a plastic surgery operation, there is an amount of questions and doubts, being the anaesthesia one of them. The different alternatives, the risks, the waking up, the fear to feel pain during the intervention, going to sleep with apprehension not to wake up, are some of the more frequent questions.

It is fundamental for the patient to have good information, which should be administered by the plastic surgeon and obviously by the anaesthetist.

The anaesthesia is going to be a great part of the intervention. Not only to avoid the pain during the procedure, but also to obtain the maximum comfort during and after the operation. The security is one of the most important things and the anaesthesia should be administered by an anaesthetist counting with the equipment and technology necessary to proceed.

There are different anaesthetic techniques, the use of one or the other should be evaluated by the surgeon, the anaesthetist and the patient, choosing the best alternative depending of the type of surgery, duration, and general health of the patient as same of the parameters to value.

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At present, the local and general anaesthetic agents are very safe, specially the later ones that are used by the anaesthetist.

The anaesthetist is going to be present in all the interventions, as will be able to evaluate previously the patient, as well as monitor the cardiac function, the blood pressure, the concentration if oxygen and CO2 in blood and the state of muscle relaxation. The anaesthetist will supply the anaesthetic drugs and the oxygen that make possible the painless surgery and a waking up spontaneous and natural.

Likewise, the anaesthesia avoids pain during surgery and can help to have a quiet and relaxed postoperative period. It is vital to have a consultation pre-anaesthesia in which most of the doubts regarding the type of anaesthesia, techniques, risks and benefits are answered.

Remember that the best way to complement the work of the plastic surgeon in the surgery is to have in the team an anaesthetist trained in plastic surgery procedures to offer tranquillity, comfort and security to the patient.

Types of anesthesia

The first ad the most common of these techniques is the General Anaesthetic, which consists in taking the patient to an unconsciousness state in which is going to be “sleep” during the time of the operation. There is total relaxation of the muscles and no pain. The person will not remember what happen during that period of time.

Besides the General Anaesthetic, there is the Local Anaesthetic which is the one that avoid the pain in the area to treat. It could be injected or applied (topical). It is used in small interventions to treat minimal areas of the body and it is the only one that could be administered by the surgeon without the presence of the anaesthetist.

The other form of anaesthesia is the Sedation, which is useful to tranquilize the patient during the procedure, using a sedative and oxygen. This technique is a complement for the local anaesthesia in the great majority of the operations. It should be directed by an Anaesthetist and used in small and short surgeries.

In the other hand, the Regional Anaesthesia allows to anaesthetize specific areas of the body where the intervention id going to happen. There is sedation of the patient and oxygen administration, but the patient is awake. It is useful in hand surgery or fracture treatment.

The Epidural and Intradural Anaesthesia, instead, permit take away the patient sensitivity from the waist below. The selection of this type of surgery depends on the region of the body to treat. It is useful in small liposcultures.

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