Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that restore the breast shape, appearance and volume after a mastectomy.

Plastic surgery and breast reconstruction are essential parts of the multidisciplinary team that begins with the diagnosis of breast cancer and with the participation from general surgeons, gynaecologists, radiologists, oncologists and therapists, among others.

Therefore breast reconstruction is another step and often the last stage of recovery from breast cancer.

The reconstruction can be immediate or deferred. Only about 20% of women who undergo mastectomy are candidates for immediate reconstruction. In patients in whom radiotherapy is questionable, expander can be placed to keep the breast pocket.

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Breast Reconstruction Cases

reconstrucción de pechoreconstrucción de pecho
reconstrucción de pechoreconstrucción de pecho
reconstrucción de pechoreconstrucción de pecho

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Before a Reconstruction Breast

You should know that:

  • A reconstructed breast will not have the same feel as the breast it replaces
  • The scars will always be present in both reconstruction and mastectomy
  • Certain surgical techniques leave scars in the donor area, usually located in areas recently exposed as the back, abdomen or buttocks.

Sometimes it is necessary to conduct a breast lift (mastopexy), an increase or reduction in the contralateral breast breast to improve symmetry with respect to size and position of both breasts.

Among the possible risks of breast reconstruction are: bleeding, infection, scarring and anaesthetic risks. You should also know that:

  • There is a risk of partial or total flap loss and decreased sensation in the donor area and the area rebuilt.
  • The use of implants carries a risk of capsular contracture is higher when the patient has undergone radiation therapy

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Flaps that recreate the breast muscle, fat and skin from the patient's own

Sometimes mastectomy and / or subsequent radiation therapy lead to a lack of tissue in the chest difficult coverage of an implant.

The TRAM flap uses muscle, fat and skin of the abdomen to reconstruct the breast. This flap is used with the rectus abdominis muscle and blood vessels tunnelling to reach the thoracic area. You can perform the same technique but cutting off circulation and attaching it to the thorax (free flap).

There are other techniques free flaps: SGAP DIEP or not using the muscle tissue when transporting the abdomen or the buttocks to the chest.

The latissimus dorsi flap uses fat and skin of the back that is tunneled through the armpit to the mastectomy site.

The flap completely rebuilds the breast and also can provide coverage of muscle and skin if necessary to protect the implant.

Reconstrucion with expanders

Tissue expansion is simpler than flap reconstruction procedures, but it is a recreation that requires more time to get. It may involve a number of visits over 4-6 months to go stretching the tissue expander for final implantation .

In a second operation the expander is removed and placed the final implant.

Nipple areola complex reconstrucion

There are several techniques to reconstruct the nipple, from multiple flaps to contralateral graft. As the tattoo or micropigmentation the areola.

Bear in mind that inflammation may take weeks to decrease and the shape, size and position of your new breasts will improve.

Over time some feeling back to the area and improve scars but never disappear.

Fat grafting

New extraction techniques and own fat grafting has revolutionized the world of plastic surgery in the last ten years improving tissue after radiotherapy and is one of the complementary techniques for breast reconstruction and all kinds of aesthetic procedures.


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